I enjoy photography, so this site will have a lot of my random(amateur) photography. It will vary in quality, with everything from iPhone to high quality dSLR pictures. Please enjoy.


I enjoy crafting. This includes everything from jewelry making to painting and needle crafts. You'll see some of it on here in the photographs, and possibly some of it for sale. I may even have moments when I will be out at craft shows selling it.


I'm a musician, so there may be moments when I post about my music on here. I perform a lot, so I could post performance dates, venues, pictures, or even audio. Be on the lookout.

Painting ... a new hobby.

You can still take a look at my jewelry at any time, and I'm definitely still working on it. Click here to look. I've just picked up a few new hobbies, including painting. Be on the lookout for a new page of my art.